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i need to be loved 

i need to be liked

i need to be wanted and needed too 



when revisiting the past

discern between now and then firstly 

then think hard about what you deserve and work towards it  

push aside negative thoughts

think of what she was to you 

when both parties were loyal to themselves…


it’s good to heart break. 

i deserve Ewalina on steroids 


someone of the same quaint appeal …

and i catch myself. 

does the question ask that i think of what i deserve 

from within myself firstly? 

as in… health , wealth, then relationships? 

i deserve the best. 

that and the third 

you know? 

i deserve all of my past loves +

like a wildcard in the wilderness plant your 

staff upon the earth and fight for freedom 

summon bravery and commence 

the discussion 

knowing you are the one for you firstly

like the sun card 

within The Gates Of Eden 

is it weird that im contemplating buying lace underwear for men



unfinished words

Here’s to a poem that’d i’d like to read and write myself 

i’d like it to know that it’s needed for wealth

i’d like it to go through all of my soul 

my arteries my blood my bones and my health 

i wanted it to know that i miss it all already

it ain’t been but two days and i miss you already. 

Tomb Stones Had

When our hearts are red 

in the fall when the stones are wet 

the sticks are almost orange 

the rain harangs off someone’s umbrella. 

Nothing’s here but memorial to the dead, 

down the road. 

Leaves are floored. 

Oh them leaves are floored. 

they threw some fries on the grill

then slapped them down on the slab 

when done 

she gave me the half lime 

as i reached for the sauce 

Soul Drops and Heart Sinks

ewalina’s hair was red 

and she had some red and black plaid 

and some cut off jeans 

and some black leggings underneath

with a gold medallion around her memory neck 

i hadn’t seen her for years. 

She hugged me liked she missed me

She hugged me like i was her long lost dad 

She held me and asked me if i knew why she 

held me so long? i woke up. not just yet. 

Frank showed me his abode which was mine. 

with the high walls of a church

and christ chandelier and cross on wall to boot. 

high balconies and rails, and stairs showing off

toward the ceilings. 

i hooked a left past the kitchen and down the stairs into 

the cove. 

i parked my self in a cranny nook 

where i read a book dream. 

It felt like his home. 

but it was being offered or at least given to me. 

i can’t quite get the imagination of Rihana 

away from me. She really wanted him to stay. 



(Source: sandandglass)

Glowed Wax In Black

lightning construction and destruction 

i might have to leave you scorched

the earth, soft t

no t

i’m all out of letters.

let me see where this takes us.

you just might find me.

i’ve been here since

past last later

believe i’ll linger just a bit

a hanged tooth copper taste

albeit a dentist

i met your mother in the parking lot

she was clear as any third eye

she had a choice between traditions

and chose to leave me by

the sidewalk

and or empty curb. 

i just can’t get enough.
Let alone date that sound.

you must be a boy genius.

you must get around

by god

im bygone

im something different with a touch

meant to make my history

not making much…

and that’s the story to tell

that’s the worry i’ll feel

it’s the way to go

it must be

but i can’t help it so

i’ll just bury myself in sympathy and sarcasm.  

Corrina Gets A Joke

talk to me about your non-incidentals 

talk to me to death 

if i went on or after 

i think i can go ahead…

i think i need to wait this time, 

i might’ve learned my lesson so 

carang carang let me repeat myself 

this is what’s to come. 

i didn’t have to forgive you so 

but then again 

i never know 

black is the screen set 

with neon green 

i’ll be fine 

i’ll be fine 

i’ll survive 

after all i’m still alive. 

here’s to the noche 

around the corner after dark 

sitting in my lighthouse 

writing of the stars. 

i’ll see in the morning 

i’ll toss a rag at you 

you’ll play a new tune you learned 

and i’ll be amazed at how you managed to write 

all them words

sing em’ and finger pick to em. 

carang carang i’m slain