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this is literally what I do though


this is literally what I do though

i wanna amaze you 

i want to faze

pure of heart i want done no harm, save you 

grace you and help raise to the space at which 

you came to be 

life is your destiny 

let it be how it be 

maybe even dad issues

so the lady in front of me instead works the misused 

with reissued love and grace

whom was ever open in the first place 

i see how the cats run 

see how the dogs chase 


you gotta start somewhere 

i did what i could 

and do what i can 

i notice the nut shell that i don’t wish to crack 

like waiting for gates’ heaven 

you see the pure hearted it took past eleven 



months and years



and now i’m disappeared. 

assess the situation 

let em’ feel at ease 

avoid the confrontation with the grace 

of all the sea 

you been through hell 

you been through dis-ease 

now i’m here to let you know to let it flow 

and let it go 

bow my head down 

and have you see no cut it 

here we are rising from the gut and 

combating with the toughness 

that roughness that omagosh i don’t trust this …

but love this.

here we are the one republic

ask me to slow down

and i will teach you

someone has to teach

and we meets eyes and have the nerve

tell me how to feel

maybe i swerve the word

drink vodka in the night and from the basement i emerge

to the day

i notice a very jealous way

how do i make you feel

what is the weight to yield

i give love and trust to the humbleness of it all  

there’s still the family dynamic 

though thoughts inside would like to try and wreak 


such a maverick 

shelter from the storm 

i’m wondrous of the form 

and how you are born 

to lend me a hand 

do i slow down and get ‘round 

the best way that i can 

what are your goals 

and how is your patience 

what part of where you are requires 

the most haste and …the most face to save 

you and your grace 

you and your archetype 

but we all have our demons and our flaws, 

conveying my feelings 

is all of yalls wanted 

not trying to take a situation and make 

place a spotlight on it but

your feelings to do your thing 

need not justified by me

and so i think to myself exactly what you think

has nothing to do with me, , , 

i’m not sure. ‘tis how it goes 

'tis what you know 

'tis the big show

survive thrive and grow 

i’m wondering the generations

i’m wondering the motivations of us all. the male and female history 

and to say that you’re a victim is simply playing position 

what you say hurts 

and i know you want to hurt me 

i’m proud of you though 

is that all you need. 

you love me, is that all that was freed. 

did i pick you up and set you down 

turn a frown upside down and rebound 

shoutin’ loud 

and what do you see in him 

how do i see within 

are you lingering with him in the same place 

because of the case 

how do i face whatever it is i’m racing towards. 

and i see that shit 

and i think legit 

and i don’t compare and still i am here. 

not disappeared 

been broken down 

the tower’s been cracked. 





by korintic


(Source: ccuntly)


Kelly Rowland texting Nelly via Microsoft Excel and then getting annoyed when he doesn’t text back.

birds flying high , you know how i FEEL



there’s no nothing to rave about or say about i made a maze without direction 

there’s no room to speak about or dream about or scream about i mean what’s evened out? 

you did that and they did this and we went here but you went near to the fire and the liar and i’m hired to admired by the sire that’s no buyer of this bullshit called life

but don’t get it twisted it’s just the story that you tell 

it’s just the baggage that you held to keep you ground felt 

but don’t worry much bout the floating up away because sooner or later you gotta face the death of everyday 

it’s not okay 

so rage and rave 

stir up the nest

buzz all the bees 

bring back the speed

and need none of that sheet that they feed

it’s meaningless 

much like the rest and never the less the rest 

time it don’t pass it confesses all of its stress 

all of its blessed 

i think i smell like tumeric curcumin 

when i see you, it’s whatever.

saw you. woo.


Tried to read you. 

You “yawned” and acted like you were tired

so… (and didn’t recognize me)

i sat down and trembled as 

a flood of vulnerability will have you do. 

as if… i just heard that mom died. 

what to do. 

nowhere to go and nothing to do but sit 

and wait and be forgotten. 

what to do? 

as i came from the train. 

you played it cooler, right? 

me i sat down and trembled to turn the page 

on a book i whipped out 

and you turned your back and entered the 

train doors as soon as the next train arrived.  

and me i went down to the next newly arrived doors. 


yea it was whatever. 

too tired now at work. 

i just heard someone call all men cowards. 

okay, i can’t fight this battle. 

my ego is asleep. 

my body is sand bagged. 

my breath is ….

now to continue to wonder

or just live. 

how i do. 

sometimes you run into people

and the unexpected encounter makes

you feel a certain way. 

and there’s nothing you can do about it. 




gettin up in that hip hop cuz all my shit flop love doin hopscotch to pass the tick tock with that bitch i love verbal acrobatics until my wind locks 



rockin’ with the dope beat 

in my head 

left for dead 

ain’t so bad 

every day i wed

to the grave a bed

be born again 

no christian 

just sayin my friend 

everyday we end 

then raise again 

onto another phase 


not to know 

the way 

no sense 

no change unless 

you was made to rest, i ain’t leavin’ 

each day is blessed so i raise the best

and give meanin’ 

execute every day

 decapitate my closest deamons, for no reason  

let the reigns go and lose control 

ima reign long like the perfect storm that’s a play on words

but you ready knew 

i ain’t ashamed to grow 

or give up everything i use to know 

or i was sold 

i keep the flow and move forward toward

my destiny 

to pull the best in me 

to learn my leasons season by season 

no matter the teachin’ i’m here so i’m leachin’ 

until i’m deceased and even then i’ma move on 

life after death like a biggie album 

i’m hyped enough to say fuck the challenge 

i stampede 

beat the greed 

heed the need and free my being.